Already First Rumors to the Successor of the Apple Watch Series 2 in Circulation

It may sound a bit absurd, because after all, with the Apple Watch Nike + not even all models of the Watch Series 2 on the market come and nevertheless already at the present time rumors to a successor. This is about the supposed Apple Watch Series 3 and its possible features. A number of revolutionary innovations are mentioned, which essentially concern two conceivable innovations. The Group from Cupertino has already filed a patent claim. On the one hand, it is about a special sensor for determining the heart rate, which is to identify its owner. On the other hand, it is a bracelet technology that would allow the control of the intelligent clock by gestures.

Just yesterday, we were able to report from a US research project called WristWhirl. Its principle is the operation of the Smartwatch with movements of the wrist. Exactly with this idea seems synonymous Apple intensely. Corresponding plans have already been submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office. In addition, there is also picture material, which illustrates this bracelet mechanism. The gestures are transferred to the Smartwatch so that screen touch is no longer required.


Apple differs from the WristWhirl project, because it was only placed on infrared sensors in the wristband. The manufacturer of the most successful Smartwatch, on the other hand, seems to block various modules in the bracelet. In addition to optical sensors, Apple will probably also integrate force sensors. Thus, the device not only recognizes when the position of the wrist changes, but also when force or pressure is exerted by the movement on the bracelet.

In order to operate the Apple Watch Series 3 or whatever the future Smartwatch will get with this technology, different gestures are stored, which the device automatically detects. Thus, not only scrolling or zooming is possible, but the typical telephonic could make a call by straightening the thumb and the small finger. The handling of typical hand movements is not to be reserved for the next Apple Watch alone – also the future iPhone generation could partly execute commands.

For the second innovation, Apple has also filed a patent in May, but there are no pictures yet. A so-called pulse oximeter is designed to enable the Smartwatch to identify its owner. The principle is already known from the optical pulse meters which are now found in a variety of wearables: light is transmitted under the skin, whereby the blood volume and thus the heart frequency can be determined by the reflection of the beam.

Apple would also like to add the oxygen saturation to have as accurate biometric data as possible. The watch could identify their user about it – which is the fingerprint sensor for the smartphone, this technology could be for the smartwatch. There were quite similar rumors in the run-up to the presentation of the Samsung Gear S3, which supposedly their user should recognize a Venenscanner.

Although these two innovations are already quite concrete, it does not mean that they are actually on a possible Apple Watch Series 3 again. Already in the past, Apple had repeatedly filed patents and not every one has actually been put into practice. Moreover, it is currently unknown whether the Group from Cupertino has already developed a prototype.