Allview Allwatch: Beginner’s Smartwatch Will Be Released in Early December

A manufacturer who has not yet had a name on the market of the Wearables now ventures on its first product. From the house of the Romanian electronics company Allview comes the Allwatch now a smart clock. So far the manufacturer had devoted mainly to smartphones and tablets. The Allview Allwatch is a model equipped with all the necessary Smartwatch features, which costs about 80 euros and is ideal for beginners.

At first glance, the Allview Allwatch reminds a little bit of the Apple Watch, but the crown on the right bezel is missing – this model can only be operated by touch screen. Besides the usual notification functions, the smart clock can also score with an optical heart rate monitor and is also waterproof.


As can be seen on the first product images on the Allview website, the Wearable will also have quite extensive fitness tracking, which is not limited to counting the steps and calculating the calorie consumption. Rather, different sports such as jogging or cycling can be evaluated very precisely by the Allview Allwatch. A memory recollection and a sleeping racking can almost be explained by the functions of a Smartwatch.

The information can be read on a 1.28-inch display, which dissolves at 128 x 128 pixels and optimally meets the challenges of everyday life and physical activity thanks to 2.5D glass. The Allview Allwatch is hardly likely to interfere due to its low weight of just 40 grams. With a running time of about ten days, the battery provides a long breath.

As interesting as the Allwatch Allview might sound for the potential prospect, it is so uncertain whether it finds the way to Germany at all. So far it is only known that their menu offers the languages ​​English and Romanian. However, the “Smart Devices” category has already been installed on the manufacturer’s German homepage. This could again be an indication that it will also be available here. The start of sales is indicated for the 7th of December – maybe also in Germany.

The Allview Allwatch also appears here, as the manufacturer now announces on its homepage. Pre-orders for the intelligent clock are now possible, but the delivery is only on 14 December but still in time before Christmas. The price is 79.00 euros.