Alcatel Is Launching Two New Smartwatches on the Market

There are two new smartwatches from the home of the French electronics manufacturer Alcatel. One is aimed at the adults and the second is for the little one. Both Wearables were presented at this year’s IFA in Berlin and will be available in a few days. For the children Smartwatch, which listens to the product description Alcatel Movetime Track & Talk and is equipped with GPS, fall around 90 euros. Ladies and gentlemen pay for the Alcatel Movetime with a proprietary operating system about 150 euros.


The Alcatel Movetime is a solidly equipped Smartwatch, which has numerous functions that can be useful in everyday life, as well as fitness and health. In addition to an optical heart rate sensor, a step counter and a distance measurement of the distance traveled are also present. In addition, the new Alcatel Smartwatch also keeps an eye on the liquid feed of its carrier.

In addition, the typical tasks that can be expected from a Smartwatch are as follows: It informs its wearer if something is happening on the smartphone and calls can be made directly over the wrist thanks to a built-in microphone and a loudspeaker. In addition, it reminds the user of stored appointments and also allows the camera as well as them to use music. And because the Alcatel Movetime Smartwatch also has a gesture recognition, does not even touch the display, it is enough to turn the wrist.

The name program is the name of the new Alcatel Children Smartwatch: Track & Talk combines the two main tasks of the Wearables. Through a GPS module the location of the small ones can always be interrogated by the parents and voice messages can be sent. In addition, the adults in this children Smartwatch are allowed to store up to five numbers, which the tots in emergency call. And because the health of the sprouts is not to be missed, the colored companion on the wrist is also equipped with appropriate functions in this direction. Parents have the opportunity to see at a glance how fit and healthy their offspring are.

Both devices are expected to appear in the coming days, although they have not yet been implemented on the manufacturer’s website.