Aiwatch C5 Sports: Smartwatch with Many Features

Also if the Smartwatches generally still not as successful as intended, the Apple Watch has demonstrated that it can generate billions in revenue. So much revenue is that Aiwatch C5 sports not reach, yet it is a very good Smartwatch with many features.

Aiwatch C5 sports: attractive features on board

First of all the design, which is for athletes, as well as all other suitable, because the design simple and yet modern fails. Just athletes are likely to be impressed by the facilities which includes a pedometer and a heart rate monitor.

Otherwise, the Aiwatch C5 waiting sports with the following technique: a 1.22-inch, round display, a battery 300 mAh, a slot for a microSIM, a MediaTek CPU as well as compatibility with Apple iOS and Google Android OS.

Low-cost offer increases the attractiveness

That the Aiwatch C5 has a lot on the box sports so and offers advantages in many situations, can definitely identify based on these properties. But the price also provides a good argument for a purchase, because in the online-shop of GearBest this is just 67,89 euro.