Actofit: First Tracker Specifically for Training in the Gym

Fitness bracelets to count the steps and determine the consumed calorie quantities come now almost daily on the market. There is also an extensive range of fitness watches, dedicated to specific sports such as golfing, climbing, skiing or swimming. However, what has not yet been presented in the form of a concrete wearable is a fitness bracelet, which explicitly addresses the athletes in the gym. This market gap would like to close a startup from Mumbai and has developed for it a tracker that covers precisely this target group. The Wearable is intended to support the training on devices and with free weights, thereby comprehensively collecting data and then evaluating them. From 25th October, starting from tomorrow, the Actofit fitness strap, which bears the same name as the manufacturer, can be pre-ordered via the crowd funding platform Indiegogo.


Why are fitness tractors really so if they can not support training in the gym or cross-fit units? The question has been asked by the manufacturer Actofit when he designed his first wearable. From now on there should be a small trainer at the wrist, which can handle the large scale. The special feature of the Actofit Fitness Strap is that it recognizes more than 75 different exercises independently. From basic exercises such as the knee flexion, bench presses and cross-lifting to isolation exercises such as the biceps curl, the small device captures the exerted movements. This is made possible by a total of nine motion sensors, which are located in the device. It includes the completed repetitions, evaluates the execution, the applied force as well as the speed of the movement for the respective training weight. All of this collected data is then analyzed by the Actofit app, shows a development and can then give appropriate tips for the next units. The user is thus informed whether he is correct in his technique and whether he should increase the weight of the exercises or the repetition rate, depending on his goals.

While in the past a fitness bracelets or watches gave very different values for the calories burned amount in weight and fitness training, it should be possible accurately to the Actofit. By connecting the tracker to the exercises and the heart rate, this results in precise values ​​for energy consumption. But not only as a digital personal trainer the Actofit Fitness Armband can work, it has also missed all other common functions of a sporty wearable.

Thus, the tracker also counts the steps and the distance traveled, monitors the sleep and also has a GPS module. It is therefore also suitable for enduring outdoor training in the open air, whereby the tour can be followed again graphically. Notify the fitness wristband additionally via calls and messages, which go on a connected smartphone. Finally, the Actofit Tracker even supports cashless payment via NFC.

Until tomorrow’s launch of the Indiegogo campaign nothing is known about the price. Manufacturer Actofit only explains on its own homepage that it will be under the Fitbit products, which offer a heart rate measurement. Exceeded by Fitbit Charge 2, this bracelet should cost less than 160 euros. The first Actofit Fitness Tracker will be delivered already for this year’s Christmas business.